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Lil Helper Bamboo Cloth Diaper

Part Number:LILHELP-02
Lil Helper Bamboo Cloth Diaper
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Lil Helper Bamboo Cloth Diaper

Remember the time that your kid removed his disposable diaper and went to town on your tempurpedic mattress? That wasn’t a freak accident. You have a lil tree-hugger for a baby.

He is David Suzuki in diapers. Al Gore without the services of a fancy multimedia presentation. He is rebelling against The Disposable. And the resistance will not stop until you get him cloth diapers- lil helper’s to be precise. You know he won’t settle for less.


lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 1
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 2
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 3
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 4
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 5
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 6
lil helper bamboo cloth diaper detail - 7

The benefits of our Bamboo Cloth diaper speak for themselves:

Unbeatable Value: All our cloth diapers include two detachable inserts (one small & one big) along with one size waterproof shell.

Our diaper grows with your baby: Each diaper will perfectly fit your baby from birth until the day she is potty trained. Fits baby from 7-35 lbs. These are called One-Size (OS) cloth diapers.

Leaks be gone: The outer shell is made of a completely waterproof layer of Polyurethane Laminate. The inside of the shell is lined with micro-fleece, which is water-resistant and can be used multple times between diaper changes.

Soak oil spills: The eight layers of cloth in the inner liners will put your kitchen mop to shame.

Less Laundry Loads: Both inner liners are detachable. Simply replace the dirty liner with a fresh one, using the same outer shell. Less laundry, more daytime TV. Good times.

Softness you can stand on: Only pesticide-free bamboo touches your baby’s skin. Think marshmallows. The micro fiber is sandwiched inside the soft embrace of the bamboo.

Squirmy babies? Both inserts attach to the diaper cover with snaps. Your kid can wriggle as much as she wants. Our inserts won’t budge.

Did you know? There is no need for pesticides or fertilizers when growing bamboo. Bamboo is also highly sustainable, growing several feet in a day. While cotton fields yield only 2 tonnes of product per hectare, bamboo crops yield 60 tonnes.

Baby Do Good: You are directly helping us promote the cause of cloth diapering by giving 1 brand new cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers you purchase.


lil helper cloth diaper - Yellow


lil helper cloth diaper - Purple


lil helper cloth diaper - grey


lil helper cloth diaper - Mint


lil helper cloth diaper - Orange

Blood Orange

lil helper cloth diaper - Charcolate

Charcolate Milk

lil helper cloth diaper - Green


lil helper cloth diaper - Blue


lil helper cloth diaper - Chevron


lil helper cloth diaper - Retro Bikes

Retro Bikes

lil helper cloth diaper - Hearts


lil helper cloth diaper - Insu


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