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Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diapers

Part Number:KS-05
Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diapers
Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diaper
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Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diapers

Like Kissaluvs fitted diapers, Kissaluvs contour diapers (aka, "shaped") give you quality fabrics and terrific fit over a wide size range. An economical alternative to fitted diapers, contours are easy to use... just lay inside a snug-fitting wrap, and you're all set. The long wings give you the option of pinning (check our Snappi Diaper Fastener) the cloth diaper for use under any type of cloth diaper covers or wraps*.

Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diapers in COLORS

Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diapers in COLORS!

What makes our contour diapers so nice?

  • Textured fabrics that help contain messes

  • Uniquely sewn-in soaker/doubler for fast drying time

  • Thick, absorbent fabric where you need it, not where you don't, for a very trim fit

  • Long wings for room to pin*, if you're so inclined

  • A simple, adjustable design that lets you fold down or tuck the front of the diaper to adjust the rise

  • Attached doubler that stays put, no flopping around or awkward adjustments

  • The same awesome fabrics and colors of our fitted diapers

  • The quality fabrics and construction you expect from Kissaluvs, in an economical alternative to our luxurious fitted diapers

Our contour diapers are made of absorbent materials inside and out, so you will likely want to use diaper covers over them. Pair with a Marvels Cloth Diaper Cover for a leak-proof fit.


See how the attached doubler of the Kissaluvs Contour Cloth Diaper
gives you room to adjust the front flap?

Size Chart:

Size NB/Small
  • Fits approximately 5-20 lbs
  • Natural stitching
  • Attached Booster Doubler, for 4 layers through the "wet zone"
  • Approximately 12.5" long (11.5" tucked/folded)
  • Approximately 4.5" at narrowest width
Size M/L
  • Fits approximately 15-30 lbs
  • Purple exterior stitching
  • Attached Super Soaker Doubler, for 5 thick layers through the "wet zone"
  • Approximately 15" long (13.5" tucked/folded)
  • Approximately 5.25" at narrowest width
kissaluvs contour cloth diaper folded onekissaluvs contour cloth diaper folded two
kissaluvs contour cloth diaper open 

* Diaper fabric is a thick knit. Pinning or using a Snappi fastener may eventually snag the fabric.

Available Colors:

kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - unbleached
kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - orange kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - yellow
Unbleached Orange Yellow
kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - purple kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - green kissaluvs contour cloth diaper - blue
Purple Green Blue
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