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FuzziBunz ELITE One Size Diapers Part/Full Time Package

Part Number:FB-11
FuzziBunz ELITE One Size Diapers Part/Full Time Package
Fuzzibunz One Size Pack
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FuzziBunz One Size Elite Pocket Cloth Diapers - PACKAGE DEAL

  • 6-11 DIAPERS: SAVE $0.50 / DIAPER;
  • 12-23 DIAPERS: SAVE $1.00 / DIAPER;
  • 24-35 DIAPERS: SAVE $1.50 / DIAPER;
  • 36+ DIAPERS: SAVE $2.00 / DIAPER;

Each diaper comes with two Microfiber Inserts.

If you thought FuzziBunz One Size Elite Diaper could not get any better - think again! FuzziBunz has re-engineered its already popular One Size Elite to be trimmer fitting, more comfortable, faster drying and easier to adjust than before! Best yet, all these features come at the same low price as the original One Size Elite Diapers! The FuzziBunz One Size Elite collection gives you more bang for your buck, including these features:

  • Quick Dry Fleece: Baby feels dryer longer and fleece stays nicer longer with less visible wear.

  • Easy-Replace Elastic Has Moved: The adjustable elastic's buttons are now found inside the pocket so there are no buttons next to your baby's skin.

  • Microfiber Inserts: lab-tested for best absorbency

  • Streamlined front panel and snap design provides better fit with less leaking.

  • A rainbow of colors available.

  • Durable Snaps - Need we say more?

  • Nano-Technology - Prevents leaks around legs. Trimmer fitting than ever before.

  • Quick Dry Fleece - Keeps baby drier longer. No pilling.

  • Adjustable Elastic - Allows same diaper to fit from birth to potty training.

  • Customer Service - Unmatched warranty.

fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - size chart

About Adjustability

Many parents get confused by the FuzziBunz One Size system because it is different than your run-of-the-mill one-size diaper. FuzziBunz are adjustable in three ways - unlike any diaper you've ever seen! Here's how the most adjustable one-size diapers adjust:

  1. Button-adjusted leg casings: You can adjust our One Size Elite diapers by sizing the diapers up and down with our buttonhole elastic adjustments. Think adjustable-waisted pants and you'll understand what button-adjusted means. You can adjust the leg casings on 8+ settings.

  2. Button-adjusted waist: You can further adjust FuzziBunz One Size Elite diapers in the waist. Think of it as a waist-cincher that tightens the waist to fit smaller babies and loosens as they grow. There are 3+ button waist settings.

  3. Adjustable waist snaps: The snaps give it an extra last-minute adjustability to fit babies as they grow without having to adjust the concealed button adjustments.

About Durability

We know durability is important to our customers - after all, you're investing in us and we want to show we're committed to helping you! The FuzziBunz One Size Elite cloth diapers are built to last at least three years and withstand daily wear and washing. We also offer low-cost replacable elastic that you can replace at home in 10 minutes. No sewing or seam ripping required!

fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - apricot
fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -  Blue Lagoon
 fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -  Canary Song  fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -  Candy Apple
Apricot  Blue Lagoon  Canary Song  Candy Apple
fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Caribbean
fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Dragonfly
fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Flamingo
 fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -   Pineapple Fizz
Caribbean Dragonfly Flamingo  Pineapple Fizz
 fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Shamrock fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Snowflake
fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -  Sweet Lavender
 fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Wisteria
Shamrock Snowflake  Sweet Lavender Wisteria
  fuzzibunz one size elite diaper -  Pebble
 fuzzibunz one size elite diaper - Licorice  
  Pebble Licorice  

Available Colors of Fuzzibunz One Size Elite Cloth Diapers

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