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Extra Insurance

Part Number:OT-01
Extra Insurance
Extra Insurance
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Extra Insurance on Your Parcel - $1.30 for extra $100.00 Coverage

You may add extra insurance to cover your purchase if you would like to.

The rate we charge here is exactly how much Canada Post charges us. Every $1.30 gives you $100.00 coverage.

Please be aware that all parcels shipped by Enfant Style Cloth Diapers automatically include
$200.00 insurance coverage. If you would like to pay extra, you ONLY need to pay the insurance covering the purchasing amount exceed $200.00 (e.g., if your purchase is $500.00, you only need to pay $1.30 x 3 = $3.90 to cover the amount of $500.00 - $200.00 = $300.00).


We will do our best to pack the product for your best interest. But please note that transportation damage or lost is out of our control and Enfant Style Cloth Diapers is not responsible for any damage or lost of the parcels that are not insured.

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