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bumGenius One-Size Insert Sock

Part Number:BG-11
bumGenius One-Size Insert Sock
bumGenius One-Size Insert Sock
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bumGenius One-Size Insert Sock

Ultra-soft and designed to keep your baby's bottom dry -- for less!!
bumGenius One-Size Microfiber Inserts -- perfect for overnight diapering!! The generous sizing will even accommodate a premium prefold.

  • Lay it inside a diaper cover and you have a stay-dry diaper!

  • Have a tiny baby? Fold the extra length away from your baby. Suedecloth is a very trim fabric so this will have little impact on the overall bulk of the diaper.

  • Provides an all-around stay dry layer for a baby.

  • Keeps microfiber away from your baby's skin.

  • Combined with a diaper cover the Cotton Babies Insert Sock provides the convenience and health benefits of a stay dry diaper without the added expense of a pocket diaper.

bumGenius One Size Insert Sock
bumGenius One Size Insert Sock

Material: 100% polyester suedecloth
Color: White
Packaging: One (1) Insert Sock per package

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