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Aden and Anais Towel & Washcloth Set

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Aden and Anais Towel & Washcloth Set
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Aden + Anais Towel & Washcloth Set

Natural, gentle muslin has been used by mothers to care for their children for countless generations. Our towel & washcloth set includes a muslin washcloth, styled in our exclusive prints, and a hooded, plush terry towel that keeps little heads warm and dry.

Set of one hooded terry towel and one 100% cotton muslin washcloth. The large double-layer hooded towel, measuring 32 x 32, is 100% terry cotton, which is extra absorbent and durable. The four-layer washcloth gets softer after each wash, making it extra gentle on babys delicate skin. These sets are soft and luxurious and create a perfect bathing experience, both in the tub and out.


aden and anais towel and washcloth set - orange aden and anais towel and washcloth set - blue aden and anais towel and washcloth set - pink
splish splash (orange) hide and sea (blue) bathing beauty (pink)
 aden and anais towel and washcloth set - twinkle aden and anais towel and washcloth set - white aden and anais towel and washcloth set - mod about baby frog 
water baby (white)  mod about baby frog




why muslin swaddle blanket
Cotton muslin is one of the worlds oldest, most cherished woven fabric. It adorned the members if the Indus Valley Civilization 7,000 years ago. It was used by the Egyptians to both swaddle their babies and to wrap those who had passed away. It graced the robes of ancient Greeks and Romans. It was used for the elaborate petticoats of 17th century France and as garments worn by the underprivileged working classes of medieval Europe. The story of muslin is the story of civilization.

Muslin has protected its wearers from the heat and the cold. It has swaddled countless babies from every land and draped the shoulders of the wise and the elderly from every corner of the earth. It is a fabric that binds us all together-- through out all time, all places, and all cultures.

It is the purest, simplest, most gentle, and, in our opinion, the most perfect fabric in the world.

So when it came time to decide what fabric we would use in our products and, especially, in our swaddles we turned to the traditional practices of motherhood -- practices that transcend all boundaries of time and culture -- and chose muslin. Durable and gentle. Soft and strong. Breathable and comfortable. Time-tested and pure. Today, aden + anais is the steward of muslins long legacy and ardent believers in its ability to bring mothers and babies closer together.

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